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When “National Machine Tool Builders Association" was founded in 1902, the only manufacturing equipment available was the machine tool, while all the other processes (product design, material handling, assembly, inspection, testing , measurement and control) were still, in a big majority, manual operations.

Manufacturing plants changed, technologies were developed, and a new market came up. The advent of machine tool came to share the stage with other technologies based on electronic control, design aided by computer graphics, quick and concise data transfer, automated assembly, high-level inspection tests and interface control. Finally, to complement the complexity of a modern era, new materials were developed and have been currently replacing the old ones to increase productivity and results.

AMT - "The Association For Manufacturing Technology " - is an industry association headquartered in McLean, Virginia, United States of America. Currently represents over 630 manufacturers of machinery and equipment, all of them featuring advanced technologies.

In order to serve the industry of manufacturing systems, AMT expanded horizons in 1988 by incorporating all the US machinery manufacturers, equipment builders and software developers whose field of action was the production of goods. As a result of dedication and efforts, many work groups were created by the producers, all of them under AMT tutelage and aiming to add and refine particular needs. Since 1991 several working committees were created and nurtured, including the emphasis on the "Laser Systems Product", “Workholding Group" and "Custom Automation System Group”.

On May 1993 the AMT expanded internationally by opening the regional office in Beijing, China. A history of success was just started, so AMT decided to go further by opening offices in Shanghai on July 1998, the Shanghai Technology Center and Guangzhou office in 2004.

Aiming to expand business in NAFTA, the office and technology center in Monterrey, Mexico, was created in close collaboration with Tec de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Given the success of AMT technology centers and business offices around the world, new operations were established in Warsaw, Poland, covering Central Europe and Chennai, India, when finally, on February 2013, the newest branch of operations was established in the city of Sorocaba, Brazil, the AMT Brazil Sao Paulo Technology Center.

Parallel to successful offices and tech centers, AMT is also the sponsor of the "International Manufacturing Technology Show - IMTS", held every two years in the city of Chicago, USA. IMTS is the largest industrial exhibition in the world, with over 95,000 buyers and 1,900 exhibitors working extensively with advanced manufacturing technologies. Parallel to IMTS, AMT also offers to members a busy calendar of trade shows taking place all over the world: EMO (Germany), ExpoMaq ExpoManufactura (Mexico), various exhibitions in China and India and Feimafe (Brazil).

AMT formalized the merger with AMTDA ("American Machine Tool Distributors Association”) in 2012. AMTDA membership was over 250 members whose main objective was to unify voices of key stakeholders in design processes, manufacturing technologies and representation. The root of the merger, the new AMT, is now over 630 members, driving solutions design, development and production for all the different industries.

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